Saturday, 12 April 2014

Rumor: Pentax"s 645z MF Camera Shoots 4K and Only Costs $8500, Arrives ...


If you’re just now considering getting into digital medium format photography, then you’ve picked a great time. CMOS sensors are making their way into just about every brand, 4K video is too, and now, it looks like the entry-level price bar might be dropping as well.

According to fresh rumors out of Photo Rumors, the upcoming Pentax 645z is set to arrive on Monday with 4K capability and a very reasonable price tag that is a full $1,500 less than the 645d cost when it was announced (and less than originally reported).

You won’t have to wait long for an official announcement, but if you’d like to review the camera’s specs ahead of the debut, click here to read our previous coverage from mid-February.

(via Photo Rumors)

Update: Photo Rumors just got ahold of and published several leaked images of the 645z:






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