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Samsung NX-mini hands-on; the "selfie cam" to beat

MANILA, Philippines — There was a time when a coherence of an transmutable lens was usually accessible on massive Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLRs). But times have changed, and a ability to barter lenses has come not usually to mid-sized mirrorless cameras though also to a new multiply of slot digital indicate and shoots.

Announced on Wednesday, Mar 19, a Samsung NX mini SMART Camera is a latest ultra compress interchangeable-lens camera to strike a market. Competitors embody a Nikon 1 J3, Panasonic Lumix GM1 and Pentax Q7. The NX mini is not a smallest though is a lightest, packs a many megapixels and comes with a flippable reason screen.

Samsung claims it is a “world’s slimmest transmutable lens camera,” and during 22.5mm, it is.


The NX mini was designed to demeanour and feel like a reward camera — with a steel framework and a retro character leather-like finish, this tiny camera lives adult to expectations. The NX mini is accessible in a horde of musty tone options including splendid pinkish and packet green, a photos are of a white model, though a black and brownish-red models are nauseating favorites.

Size-wise, a mini is ideally pocketable and will fit snuggly inside a shirt slot or clutch. It’s not one that you’d reason like we would a unchanging camera so a miss of a hold of any kind is forgivable, maybe even preferable. You’ll finish adult holding a device some-more like we would a smartphone when holding photos.

One of a best pattern decisions on a NX mini is a reason shade that flips ceiling 180 degrees. Fully extended, a reason shade rests on tip of a device permitting we to take correct selfies. Only dual other Samsung cameras have this feature, a compress MV900F and a NX300m, we don’t see because it can’t be a standard. None of a stream stand of indicate and fire transmutable lens cameras have flippable screens.


With some customization a NX mini was a pleasure to use.

On tip of a common A, S and M modes, there are also Smart Modes (i.e. Beauty Face, Macro, Action Freeze and Light Trace) identical to what you’d find on a Galaxy smartphone.

There are also dedicated buttons for selecting between singular or continual sharpened modes, selecting a autofocus type, and for tweaking bearing remuneration – a latter being a genuine gem. On a lot of cameras, bearing remuneration is buried underneath a array of menus. On a NX mini it’s a discerning down press on a nav pad and afterwards left or right to diminution or boost bearing respectively.

A discerning daub of a duty symbol on a reason shade also brings adult a menu that allows we to fast set exposure, aperture, shiver speed and ISO (depending on that sharpened mode we are on).


With a NX mini Samsung introduces another lens mountain to a photography world, a NX-M. With this initial recover 3 NX-M lens options were introduced a 9mm f/3.5, a 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS, and a 17mm f/1.8 OIS lens. The camera will also work with existent NX lenses with a $149.99 mountain adapter accessory.

Like a new camera a new lenses are tiny as can be, an engineering marvel if we may. Initial exam shots came out great, really a step adult from a common indicate and shoot.


Like a rest of Samsung’s SMART Camera lineup a NX mini comes with a operation of wireless features. Thanks to built-in WiFi and NFC connectivity Tag Go allows discerning and easy transferring of images from a camera to smartphones, regulating a interconnected smartphone as a remote viewfinder, and regulating a camera as a baby monitor. Dropbox and Flickr formation is built-in for easy uploads. Users also get 2GB of giveaway Dropbox storage and a full chronicle of Adobe Lightroom.

The NX Mini with a 9mm primary lens will sell for $449 while a indication with a 9-27mm wizz lens and an outmost peep is labelled during $549. The camera is approaching to strike US stores in Apr 2014. —

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