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Nikon D3300 review: excellent choice if you"re new to DSLR cameras

Nikon D3300 review

In a D3300, Nikon’s only disproved a aged proverb about removing what we compensate for. Here, we indeed get an awful lot some-more than a £500 cost would suggest. See also The best SLR cameras of 2014.

The Nikon D3300 is formed on a 24.2 megapixel sensor (4800 x 1080 pixels), adding an 18 to 55mm pack lens that behaves like 27 to 82.5mm potion on a full support camera. Clearly desirous by a collapsible lens of a 1-series compact complement cameras, Nikon’s engineers have done this lens smaller than a predecessor, pleasantness of a crafty locking button, to enrich a compress physique of a D3300 itself. See all camera reviews.

The controls are good suspicion out and a arrangement is one of a best we’ve used, adopting a 3 digital rings of Nikon’s other DSLRs, that stagger in sync to uncover how changes to aperture, shiver or attraction impact a other parameters.

The behind arrangement is splendid and transparent in approach sunlight, yet it isn’t touch-sensitive or – sadly – articulated.

We tested a D3300 on a balmy day, set to orifice priority so that we could control abyss of margin while it done all a other decisions about bearing and sensitivity. The formula were impressive: clear colours were punchy and bold, while pale tones were subtle, and a true compare of a originals.

Fine fact was impressive, too, with pollen and small insects clearly prisoner on petals and foliage. Even underneath approach sunlight, that can make flowers and leaflet formidable to scrupulously meter, it kept all underneath control for a really offset result.

Nikon D3300 review

It wasn’t utterly perfect, though. There was justification of green/pink colour fringing on some pointy contrasts along a edges of plain objects, and where branches and twigs overlaid a sky. There was also a really slight tumble off in a turn of clarity when comparing a centre of a support to a edges, nonetheless as this is caused by a lens carrying to hook a light to a some-more impassioned angle during a edges and corners we can design to see this in all cameras to some degree.

We were some-more unhappy by a singular 11 concentration points clustered around a centre of a frame. They’re simply comparison and a D3300 did a good pursuit of attack a aim when left to a possess devices, yet a few additional points wouldn’t have left amiss.

Other than that, it’s intensely flexible. It shoots RAW and JPEGs away or side by side, attraction runs from ISO 100 to a high 12,800, and if that still leaves we wanting, remuneration is a wider-than-average 5 stops in possibly direction, in 1/3EV steps.

Behind a scenes, there’s a array of built-in guides that uncover we how to take sold shots, play behind your images and set adult a camera, all of that will be a reward to beginners.

So will a 7 stage modes and 13 effects, like a ones you’d find on a compact, nonetheless to a eyes a effects were a small over-cooked and could do with adopting a lighter touch.

Video mode lets we constraint full HD footage during adult to 60 fps, with a reward of a mini-jack submit by that we can bypass a inner mics. The formula were on standard with a stills, with a purify soundtrack, pointy sum and good colours.

Naturally a wizz is manual, though, and we can hear a revolution of a slap on a soundtrack.

Nikon D3300 review: Sample images

Nikon D3300 reviewNikon D3300 reviewNikon D3300 review

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Nikon D3300 reviewNikon D3300 reviewNikon D3300 review

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