Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rumor: Canon Has a 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV in the Works for Early 2015


If you’ve been following the many new rumors per a long-awaited Canon APS-C flagship 7D Mark II, we know that a latest news is that Canon has some imagination new sensor record in a works, and that it’s ostensible to reinstate Canon as an imaging leader.

None of a gossip sites have been means to pin down what this sensor tech indeed is, though a existence seems a nearby certainty; and now, it looks like a 7D won’t be a usually recover to advantage from it. Canon might be lovely a 5D and 1D lines as well.

The gossip was initial posted by Northlight Images, who is stating that a 1D X Mark II will arrive initial (possibly as early as late this year) followed by a 5D Mark IV in early 2015. Both are pronounced to “incorporate poignant advances in sensor design.” Sound familiar?


As Canon Rumors points out, if a sensor tech presumably in a works for a 7D deputy is as ground-breaking as everybody seems to be thinking, afterwards it creates clarity for Canon to refurbish a rest of a flagships as well.

Only time will tell if a rumored roadmap will vessel out or if it goes a approach of the teenager Fuji X-T1 ascent rumor, so keep a salt accessible and be certain to check behind mostly for updates as some-more leaks are firm to spring.

Article source: http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/news/Nikon_DSLR__image_scoops_railway_photography_prize_news_310985.html

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