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Josh Greenbaum Relies on Canon C300 Cameras for The Short Game

The Short Game

The Short Game

Director Josh Greenbaum’s underline documentary The Short Game profiles 8 immature competitors during The World Championships of Junior Golf, in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and during their homes in several countries around a world, (South Africa, a Philippines, France, China, a United Kingdom and a United States). Filming with a assistance of 18 Cinema EOS C300 cameras and a accumulation of lenses from Canon, The Short Game enclosed all from normal documentary-style visits to a homes of a golfers for character-based footage, to endless contest coverage.

Due to a artistic final of a directors and a opposite situations when filming golf, a prolongation indispensable cameras and lenses that would broach cinematic design quality, superb low-light imaging and a portable, cat-like form cause to equivocate distracting a golfers.

Greenbaum and executive of photography J.B. Rutagarama worked out a camera-coverage plan for any player’s tour from a tees to a putting greens during a tournament. They shaped camera teams dividing duties among 18 opposite camera operators. Settings on all of a cameras were matched for a unchanging demeanour and any group was supposing with a same set of Canon lenses, “which were essential to receiving a coverage sum and pointed visible esthetics that helped give The Short Game a singular and witty charm,” pronounced Rutagarama.

“The Canon EOS C300 is an implausible camera since it is so little and portable, and does not need a large crew, that could have intimidated a immature subjects,” Greenbaum said. “With a brief adequate lens on a EOS C300 camera we can even take shots in airports and other places, that is good for sharpened a documentary. Also, a low-light capabilities of a EOS C300 camera are a vital advantage. When you’re filming a documentary you’re anticipating to find law and honesty, though too many lights can make people unequivocally wakeful that they are being filmed.”

“We chose a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM customary wizz to be on a EOS C300 camera positioned behind any golfer as they teed off, with a longer EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM telephoto wizz lens on a camera positioned for a 45-degree frontal shot to constraint their facial expressions,” Rutagarama explained. “Then another Cinema EOS C300 camera would see where a round landed, or a 45-degree frontal EOS C300 camera would vessel over and try to constraint a ball. The camera with a wider EF-S 17-55mm lens that was behind a actor would follow a primogenitor and golfer for an romantic greeting as they changed forward on a course, and a longer-zoom lens user would run good forward to set adult a shot of where a round was for a subsequent shot.”

The Canon Image Stabilization (IS) underline built into both a EF-S 17-55mm and EF 70-200mm was essential to successful coverage of a contest apportionment of The Short Game. “The IS on a EF 70-200mm is incredible,” Greenbaum said. “J.B. shot a lot of handheld, and many of a DPs couldn’t trust that a Canon IS underline worked so good all a approach during a 200mm end.”

“It’s such an extraordinary stabilizer,” Rutagarama added. “When you’re filming golf, you’re following a little round and you’re apparently going to be shaking, though we was unequivocally tender by how a EF 70-200mm hold steady. The film unequivocally happens after a shots – when a kids are reacting to how they usually did or articulate about what to do subsequent – that was all unequivocally most handheld, and a Canon IS underline played a outrageous partial in a success of that footage as well.”

Greenbaum also used wide-angle lenses such as a EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM ultra wide-angle wizz and a EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM customary wizz to stress a childish inlet of a film’s 8 competitors.

The filmmakers drew from a extended preference of other Canon lenses for specific tasks during other tools of filming The Short Game. A Canon EF 100 f/2.8 L IS USM macro lens was used to constraint close-ups of golf balls rolling into holes and thespian shots of gloves being pulled on to immature hands before diversion play. A Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM middle telephoto lens was used for close-up two-camera interviews with mythological PGA golfers.

“The shoal depth-of-field, a approach a concentration falls off, and a bokeh was so considerable opposite all of a Canon lenses,” pronounced Rutagarama. “All of a Canon lenses matched unequivocally well, and there was coherence on all a categorical lenses we used. That was crucial, since we can’t repair that in post. we would be tough pulpy to be means to call out accurately that lens we were on while examination The Short Game,”

The footage was prisoner with Canon Log Gamma, that is means of adult to 12 T-stops of bearing latitude.

“Canon Log has such a operation it’s usually incredible.” Greenbaum noted. “I did a tone with a vital Hollywood posthouse and was means to do so most with their colorist after a fact. The ability to puncture into a dim scenes was so vicious to a needs. Every child wore a margin shawl or a visor, that expel a shade over their eyes. Canon Log enabled us to get that operation so that we could see not usually a bright, balmy tools of a design though nonetheless also puncture into a shadows and uncover a tension in a kids’ eyes underneath a brim.”

During a contest an on-location DIT (digital imaging technician) and his partner collected CF (Compact Flash) cards from any of a cameras each dusk to duplicate and record footage, and afterwards lapse a cards.

“It worked great,” Greenbaum noted. “The CF media used by a Canon EOS C300 Cinema cameras enables so most more, including discerning transfers and inexpensive recording media, that in a documentary universe is unequivocally helpful. We managed a media utterly good and altogether we kept it all very, unequivocally organized.”

The Short Game is now accessible on Netflix and DVD.

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