Thursday, 12 June 2014

Galaxy Note 4 to have QHD screen, Sony OIS camera

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In reply to You Know Me @ 2014-06-12 06:18 from I0qf – click to readSay what? What’s this new thing you speak of? Opinion? Polls? Do you see polls in this website? How worth while are they? Yeah exactly! pretty pointless and worthless voted by fanboys of various brands. Opinions are just that, opinions, not facts. I attest the quality not on the words of someone else. I don’t know about you but I have eyes to see the pictures and judge.

I use countless shots taken by so many people posted on flickr under various conditions, ISO, exposure etc and using my eyes to know what is the best out there. Not some reviewers or fanboy polls. A quick look at at these tests and their methods show they are not even pixel peeping. If you don’t pixel peep just about every camera looks good downsized. Some choose warmer pictures some choose cooler ones. Again all pointless. Personal tastes and popular opinions don’t make for facts.

You want to play the popularity contest then I can point to several sites that voted the Z2 to be the best snapper out there not to mention DXOmark but again that’s just opinion not facts. You’ll lose the popularity game if you want to play that.

I will pixel peep and compare the full resolutions shots and their EXIF data. You do that and you will see the Note 3 and even S4 take better pictures over all any ISOCELL based hype.

If Samsung does go back to using Sony sensors what will you do? ;-) I know what I will be doing, gloating about it till you turn red in rage.

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Galaxy Note 4 to have QHD screen, Sony OIS camera

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