Friday, 18 September 2015

Oxford House Clearance

Oxford House Clearance offer a complete property and house clearance service. The services below are the main services that we offer, although this list is not complete. Please contact us to discuss your needs if what you require cleared isn’t listed below.

House Clearance – Removing domestic furniture, fixtures and fittings including carpets. We also remove personal items and clothing, leaving the property empty and ready to be marketed. If required we offer a cleaning service as well. We recycle or reuse as much as is possible, and currently send about 10% of complete house clearances to landfill as we can’t reuse or recycle them.

Garage Clearance – If you garage is getting to packed, then we can come and clear all the contents, leaving it ready to be used again. This can be just the garage on its own, or we can add it onto the house clearance.

From garages we can remove pretty much everything. This includes old tools and parts, paint tins, general rubbish and even old vehicles. Once cleared, we will sweep the garage out, leaving it clear and clean.

Office Clearance – Removing all office furniture, fixtures and fittings from an office environment. This would include desks, cabinets and all stationary items. We can also remove all items of Weee, and confidential waste.

Many items from offices are reused, and very little is tipped. This includes the filing cabinets, desks, chairs and more. We can securely wipe all IT equipment (including servers and modems), meaning they can be used again.

Void Property Clearance – When a property becomes void, we can attend to clear the property including garden, and environmentally clean the property, leaving it ready for the next tenant.

Loft Clearance – Removing personal items from attic spaces, as well as insulation.

If your having new insulation fitted, we can remove the old insulation in a matter of a few hours. For a typical 3 bed house, we can remove and dispose of all the old insulation in just a couple of hours. It does sometimes take a bit longer to remove if there are personal items in there as well.

We offer all the above on there own, or complete with a house clearance. Many house clearances that we undertake include clearing the garage and loft as well.

We operate throughout Oxfordshire, and all of our services can be used at any domestic property in the area. We deal with individuals as well as with people on a contract basis. We also welcome ender requests, and can provide fixed pricing for larger landlords.

Oxford House Clearance

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