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Sony Alpha SLT-A99 Vs. Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Which Camera Will Bring Out ...


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If you’re looking for a top-tier DSLR, you are on the right page. Among the many professional cameras out there, two brands have been exceptional. They are the Canon EOS SD Mark III and the Sony Alpha SLT-A99. Today, we will find out which is better.

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The EOS 5D in particular, is more expansive than the Sony Alpha. Both devices are priced at $3,999 and $2,298 respectively. Also, they both are operated with a CMOS sensor.

Despite that fact, the Alpha SLT-A99 offers 24.3MP which is more than the 22.3MP on the SD Mark III. In the world of DSLR, pixel count is not that important at all. Cannon showed us why its camera is the best by operating at 50-ISO all the way to 102400-ISO. This is a completely larger range of light than the Alpha SLT that offers 100-ISO to 6400-ISO.

Both devices are on par when it comes to shutter speed but users can get more images when using continuous shooting mode on the Sony. It is able to capture 8frames per second which is more than the 6 frames limit on the Canon. As for the rest of the camera functions, both the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 and the Canon Eos SD Mark III are equal on every level.

While it might cost more to get the SD Mark III, it is something worth splurging on. It is equipped with so much features and the fact that it is both water and dust proof makes it the ideal camera. Sony might be great but it is not that feature packed like its rival. Canon wins.

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