Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Image We"ve Seen Captured By Sony"s Curved Camera Sensor

Last month we heard Sony has been working on a curved sensor for cameras, the idea being they better reflect the nature of the human eye and reduce the amount of distortion and blur you get with a traditional flat CMOS. While there’s no further news on when we’ll see such technology at the consumer level, we do have a shot showing the sort of photos the sensor can record.

The photo popped up this week in a Nikkei article. According to sonyalpharumors, the piece also contains a few tidbits about the sensor itself, including the fact that the resolution isn’t at the same level of “current” sensors.

The benefits however go a long way in compensating for a property you imagine will improve with time:

- There is no vignetting and no aberration in corners.

- Sony confirmed the mass production process is ready.

- As a positive “side effect” of the curved silicon is that also the electrical properties changed allowing less noise!

It’s also mentioned that building zoom lenses for the sensor will be “extremely difficult”, but again, continued research and development will hopefully overcome this challenge.

[Nikkei, via sonyalpharumors]

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