Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Likely Fake Photo of the Nikon D810 Shows Up Online, Features Top Plate ISO ...


Published by Nikon Rumors last night, the image above may be the first photograph of the Nikon D810 that is rumored to arrive officially on June 26th. More likely, however, it’s just a Photoshop-created ‘wish list’ image that a hopeful D800/E user put out at the right time to grab some attention.

Still, there are some intriguing suggestions on the image, the most exciting of which is the addition of an ISO scroll wheel in the top plate. If Nikon hasn’t done this with the D800/E followup, the company might want to consider it for the D820 or whatever the next iteration will be, given the very positive reaction in the NR comments section.

What do you think of this visual ‘wish list’? And what would you add to it to make the “perfect D810??

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