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Leica M Edition 100 Digital Camera - Buy-n



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Oskar Barnack’s genius idea of creating the small format 35mm camera

created a revolution in photography in 1925, paving the way for the

birth of the Leica Legend. His diminutive, lightweight LEICA A offered

a new, undreamed-of freedom in reportage and artistic photography. From

that point to the present day, Leica has had a profound influence on our

view of the world we live in.

What was started in 1914 with the Ur-Leica quickly turned into a lasting

success. In 1932, around 90,000 cameras were already in use. By 1961, the

number had increased to a million. Milestones in the development include

the rangefinder cameras such as the legendary LEICA M3 in 1954 and the M6

in 1984. The R-System commenced in 1976 with the LEICA R3 – the first

electronic Leica. In 1989, the first compact point-and-shoot model entered

the market. 1998 also saw the launch of the first digital camera – the

LEICA DIGILUX. Without exception, all developments are focused on the

requirements of the user and are characterized by the highest quality,

focus on essential functions, and comfortable user-friendly controls.

Leica M Edition 100 Digital Camera - Buy-n

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