Friday, 23 May 2014

Sony Expects High-End Compact Camera Sales To Grow

Sony Expects High End Compact Camera Sales To GrowGiven that our smartphones are capable of taking some pretty amazing photos, the need for compact cameras is starting to wane. However there is still a demand for high-end compact cameras, such as Sony’s RX series which combines a compact form factor with good sensors and good lenses.

It also allows photographers more control over the functions of the camera, versus regular point and shoot cameras, which has essentially been replaced by smartphones. This is why we can understand the demand for such devices. It seems that Sony, too, expects that high-end compact cameras to be on the rise as well.

This is according to a slide by Sony Japan spotted on, Sony expects a 20% sales in the high-end compact camera market, which like we said earlier, consists of cameras like the RX100M3 and the RX1, cameras which pack large sensors into small bodies. Alternatively we don’t see why mirrorless cameras can’t be on the rise as well, but given that interchangeable lenses can be troublesome and bulky, perhaps this is a role that Sony’s high-end cameras are filling.

What do you guys think? Are you equally optimistic that high-end compact cameras are on the rise? And will you be willing to purchase such a device over using your smartphone as a camera?

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