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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350 Review

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Travelzoom cameras (compact cameras with upwards of an 18x wizz range) are prohibited skill in a camera world, and a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350’s USP is that it’s a world’s smallest and lightest camera to container a 20x wizz lens. This gets Sony’s Optical SteadyShot picture stabilisation complement to recompense for camera shake in low light or when zooming in to a max. Sony has also versed a DSC-WX350 with a back-illuminated 18.2MP Exmor R sensor, earnest copiousness of fact in low light and a limit customary attraction of ISO3200 (expandable to ISO12800). Helping a sensor perform during a best is a new BIONZ X picture processor that’ll also concede we to fire Full HD video with stereo sound, along with a continual sharpened rate of 10fps for a 10-shot burst. Add in Wi-Fi connectivity, thirteen artistic effects filters and a crafty Superior Auto sharpened mode and you’ve got a lot of camera for around £239 / €289 / $299.

Ease of Use

In a universe where a compress camera is underneath hazard of annihilation by a smartphone, a one saving beauty is visible zoom. Few phones would have their neat lines interrupted by a podgy camera lens, however adding a massive lens to a compress camera won’t accurately make it pocket-friendly either. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350’s explain of being a smallest camera to foe a 20x wizz operation is a good manoeuvre for a selling men, yet in existence a distance rebate is frequency conspicuous over a stream stand of travelzoom compacts, so this alone shouldn’t lean we into interruption with your cash.

Even so, a DSC-WX350’s simply pocketable proportions and light weight of 164g ready-to-shoot do make it an unimportant companion. This levity means a camera doesn’t feel quite plain or tactile, yet it’s also distant from flimsy. However, a weight saving has taken a fee on ergonomics, as we don’t get any finger or ride grips to assistance reason a camera firmly when sharpened one-handed. The embossed Sony trademark helps a little, yet it’s some-more of a token gesture.

Although ergonomic extras might be lacking, Sony has versed a DSC-WX350 with a correct mode dial. Sure, this alone is doubtful to get your juices flowing, yet it’s a underline that’s discerning declining from this form of camera, nonetheless there’s still no surrogate for a preference of a dedicated dial. It lets we stagger between 6 sharpened modes. Intelligent Auto is a default and automatically detects scenes to request optimal sharpened settings, or we can go a whole sow and slip into Superior Auto mode, whereby a DSC-WX350 also captures multi-exposure images to raise energetic operation in high–contrast situations.


If you’d cite to embankment all this synthetic comprehension in foster of some good aged primer control, there’s also a Program Auto mode that enables we to change settings like white change and ISO sensitivity, however there’s no operation to adjust orifice or shiver speed yourself. A dedicated video mode provides video-specific stage preference to assistance we get improved results, and an additional stage mode is accessible for stills shooting. Lastly, should we be faced with a overwhelming panorama, crack to a iSweep Panorama mode, vessel a camera right, left, adult or down and it’ll automatically tack together a scenery covering 3 pre-selectable widths, including a 360-degree option. It’s positively a useful feature, if usually we could stop panning during will.

Alongside a mode dial it’s business as usual, with a energy button, shiver recover and wizz ring. The latter has dual speed setting, so turn a tiny to make pointed focal length tweaks, or give it a full wrench to wizz during speed. Moving to a behind row and we find a 3.0” guard with a 460k-dot resolution. Size-wise that’s sincerely typical, yet today many identical cameras exaggerate a aloft resolution. Sony’s choice of shade record also trails some of a foe with a singular straight observation angles, creation it wily to accurately decider contrast. The monitor’s colour facsimile is frequency a final word in correctness either.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350’s compress measure and vast shade means any remaining space for buttons on a back row is during a premium. Consequently there aren’t many, and those that do make a cut are on a fiddly side. Dedicated video record, playback and menu buttons are present, as good as a undo control that also doubles as a useful discerning tips beam menu that’ll assistance we out when judging combination and lighting. These controls side a tiny – yet thankfully lifted – 4-way control dial. This gives we quick entrance to set a peep and detonate sharpened capability, as good as several of a effects filters. The dial can also be rotated, creation it easier to corkscrew by menus during speed.


This menu complement is common by many Cyber-shot cameras and while it’s not a slickest pattern in a class, it’s still easy on a eye. Five categorical tabs enclose options for shooting, display, Wi-Fi, playback and ubiquitous settings. However within these tabs there’s tiny sequence or proof to how a underling options are arranged, so it takes some time to remember where your most-used settings are located.

The many engaging choice in a menu arrangement is expected to be that Wi-Fi tab. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, it’ll let we send images from a camera so we can share them, or even fire a camera remotely regulating your mobile device. All we need to do is download Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app and bond to a camera’s Wi-Fi entrance point. Once connected it’s a flattering sharp complement with minimal lag, however things do take a few seconds after tie to strech full send speed.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350 itself is also rather indolent to energy up, requiring a best partial of dual seconds, especially due to a time taken for a lens to extend. Still, it’s usually a fragment of a second slower than many compacts, and a DSC-WX350 creates adult for mislaid time by focussing fast, not usually in good light yet also when a going gets dim. Throughout a contrast a autofocus complement was also totally constant and never focussed on an astonishing area, that isn’t always a box in this camera sector. Both a bearing metering and white change complement also do an excellent job, never descending tainted of wily churned lighting conditions and providing rightly unprotected images, even though any multi-exposure trickery.

Battery Compartment

Dependability is frequency fun though, yet a DSC-WX350 has that bottom lonesome too interjection to thirteen effects filters, many of that also enclose several underling options. There’s a decent operation of effects to select from, including high-contrast monochrome styles, watercolour portrayal and soothing concentration filters. The infancy of these can be activated around a quick-access menu displayed by pulling a bottom of a back control dial, and this also gives we control over a brightness, colour and vividness of your images. However a few of a filters can usually be found by trawling by a categorical menu. Check out a Image Quality page of this examination for visible samples of all a effects on offer.

Full HD 1920x1080p video constraint is also benefaction along with stereo sound recording and breeze sound reduction. You can also use a full 20x visible wizz during recording. If you’d cite to fire stills during speed, afterwards a DSC-WX350 will do so during a nippy 10fps, despite usually for a 10-shot burst, so you’ll need to time your fire sincerely accurately.

Lastly, all this tech wouldn’t most good with some decent extract to energy it, and to that finish a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350’s X form Stamina battery delivers a really considerable 470-shot lifespan on a singular charge. It’s wily to replicate a same contrast to infer this, yet after a day sharpened a camera alongside a smaller DSC-WX220 sibling, a latter was prepared for a recharge when a DSC-WX350’s battery arrangement had usually forsaken one bar.

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