Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pentax K500 camera review: Well built and good value

Of late, a entry-level DSLR camera shred is saying a lot of activity. After all, if during about Rs 10,000 some-more than a cost of a top-end digital camera we can buy an entry-level DSLR, isnt that a good deal? To some, it is. And thats because we see a flurry of TV and imitation advertisements by camera companiesespecially a vast 3 (Canon, Nikon and Sony)promoting their entry-level DSLRs.

Among a newest ones to join that list in India is a Pentax K500 (Pentax is a Ricoh brand). Almost accurately in demeanour and feel to other DSLRs, a initial sense of a K500 is a normal design. There is a common four-way control pad charity entrance to common sharpened settings, a vast LCD screen, and a peep during a top. The three-inch LCD screen, once we switch on a camera, is really clear, though looks a bit antiquated generally when compared to those of similarly-priced cameras in a market. The rubberised palm hold ensures a K500 can be simply operated by one hand. The cameras physique is done of reinforced polycarbonate and appears solid.

The categorical facilities of a K500 embody a high-performance 16-megapixel APS-C CMOS picture sensor; in-body shake rebate mechanism; pentaprism viewfinder for 100% margin of view; and a Pentax K-mount that is concordant with each singular K-mount lens ever made.

An considerable selection is a continual JPEG constraint that shoots during adult to 6 fps (frames per second), therefore creation a K500 a good choice for those who wish to try sports photography and suit capture, or even wildlife photography generally if a intent is near.

The K500s battery cover is unique, and how. While we get a lithium-ion reprehensible battery with a camera, a battery cover also supports 4 AA batteries by an discretionary battery holder. This is an engaging underline as we can reinstate your rechargeable battery with AA batteries in times of need.

Coming to performance, there are many areas where a K500 impresses. For example, if we are sharpened JPEG files and havent set a camera to record Raw files with it, we have a choice to record a Raw record after we take a shot. How a camera does this? You have to name a choice and a camera retrieves a Raw record from a aegis system. One also has a choice of gripping possibly a Raw record or a JPEG record when deletion comparison images, of

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