Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stunning images by photographer Katerina Plotnikova evoke a land of fairy-tales

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova prisoner a breath-taking scenes with a assistance of dual veteran animal trainers.

Evoking a mythical, fairy-tale world, a images ride a spectator to a place outward of space and time. They are, in Ms Plotnikova’s possess words, “another story about wonderland”.

In one an auburn-haired immature lady binds out her palm to a grizzly bear, as yet a stately quadruped is seeking her to dance.

In another picture a immature lady is seen embracing an elephant amid still waters, while one lady is decorated kindly holding a fox.

Gentle and serene, a surreal photographs are a universe divided from complicated life and a eternally “switched-on” digital world.

Lose yourself in this dainty land of ignorance where a lines between anticipation and existence are blurred…

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