Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sony to give DSLR camera a push in India with Alpha range


The company, which has been focusing on compact camera, will be spending Rs 22 crore this year to promote Sony Alpha in the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) category.

“We want to be treated as a serious camera brand. This is the first attempt to position us as a serious professional camera brand,” said Sony India Deputy General Manager (Marketing Division) Ryusuke Fukushima.

The campaign includes a TV commercial and setting up an online community for Sony Alpha users and photography enthusiasts.

According to estimates, the total market size of DSLR cameras in 2013-14 was around 3 lakh units. It is expected to be 3.6 lakh units in the next financial year.

Moreover, Sony India would also increase touch-points retailing Alpha to 800 this financial year, Fukushima added.

Asked whether Sony is facing challenges for being a latecomer in the DSLR segment, Fukushima said: “We are not concerned about being late or early in this market. Its now from here to progress.”

The company would target the compact camera users, who wish to upgrade to DSLR for better experience and results.

“We have entry level models and are in line with the competition,” he said.

Over the competition in the market, Fukushima said: Even as a late entrant, I do not think that Sony will be willing to break the price point introducing ground-breaking cheap in terms of price. We are not going for a price war.”

He added: “India has shown its full potential in the interchangeable lens category. It would be really about how we can expand the market and invite the new customers.”

Presently, Sony is selling 14 Alpha models in the market, ranging from Rs 27,990 to Rs 179,990.

It has also launched 52 models of lenses, including Carl-Zeiss and G-lenses priced between Rs 7,990 to Rs 1,39,990.

According to market research firm GFK, Sony Aplha had four per cent market share in 2012 and nine per cent in 2013 in the DSLR segment.


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