Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sony Adds New Features To Its Lens-Style Cameras Via A Firmware Update

We had reviewed the Sony QX10 and QX100 a couple of months ago and we were quite satisfied with the point and shoot like performance they delivered. What impressed us more is how Sony managed to bring Cybershot performance to almost any mobile phone which had Wi-Fi and NFC built in. This meant that you could take quality photos with these two lenses and share them the way you wanted, straight from your phone. Well, it has been quite some time since Sony released an update for these lenses. Yes, there was a previous update which added manual ISO settings and Full HD video recording the last time. This time around, Sony’s update will give better control while delivering better performance.

The update brings one very important feature related to the hardware shutter button—a half press mode. For those of you who do not own one, both of Sony’s lenses did not come with it. This is sad because most camera phones out there do offer the same functionality out of the box which allows one to focus before shooting.

The second change is related to NFC performance. Thanks to the update, the connection speeds have now been given a boost and your lens will now pair quickly with your NFC-enabled smartphone. Oh yes, you have to install the latest version of Sony’s PlayMemories app to take advantage of the performance gain.

All-in-all two much needed improvements that will improve your QX10 and QX100 shooting experience by a large margin.

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Sony Adds New Features To Its Lens-Style Cameras Via A Firmware Update

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