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Ricoh Imaging Introduces Limited Edition PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit with Four ...


If you’re looking for a smallest transmutable lens camera on a market, demeanour no serve than a PENTAX Q7 by Ricoh Imaging. The PENTAX Q array of cameras have always been famous for their little size, being a minute of cameras that concede for transmutable lenses.

With that said, Ricoh Imaging has put together a rather special pack together for their little consternation that includes a brood of accessories. The new PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit will embody a special black on black body, 4 transmutable lenses, 4 lens hoods, a special carrying case, and a polarized filter. All of this will come in a special box imprinting a singular inlet in that usually 1000 will be available.

The singular book PENTEX Q7 Premium Kit is accessible for a cost of $1199.95 and will be sole exclusively during For some-more information about a Premium Kit, check out a central press recover below.

Press Release

DENVER, CO, Apr 2, 2014 – Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation  (Ricoh Imaging) is gratified to announce a PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit, featuring a universe smallest and lightest transmutable lens camera system, 4 high-performance lenses and a horde of accessories all wrapped adult in an disdainful package.

Available in a singular apportion of 1,000 units world-wide, a PENTAX Q7 reward pack includes a following items:

  • PENTAX Q7 camera physique (Color: black x black)

  • PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME (Color: black)

  • PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM (Color: black)



  • MH-RB40.5 Metal Hood for 01 (Color: black)*

  • PH-RBB40.5 Plastic Hood for 02

  • PH-RBA40.5 Plastic Hood for 06

  • PH-RBF49 Plastic Hood for 08

  • PENTAX -100 PL Polarizing filter**

  • O-CB133 Camera Bag

  • Special pack box

Accessories: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, AC energy cord, USB cable, CD-ROM software, strap

* This hood is exclusively designed for a kit, and is treated with a special black coating.

** Usable on a 01, 02 and 06 lenses. The 02 lens might be influenced by some vignetting during a wide-angle finish when mounted on a Q7 camera body.

Note: The specifications of a camera body, lenses and accessories are matching with those of customary products.

Weighing in a only 7 ounces, a Q7’s compress physique enables easy pocketable portability while a in-camera filters and assorted lens accumulation enthuse a infrequent photographer to rouse their creativity.  Featuring a 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS picture sensor, high attraction sharpened adult to ISO 12800 and extended Q ENGINE with quick response time during start-up and shooting, a Q7 produces pointy and pleasing images with a artistic flare.

Main Features

  • The PENTAX-01 Standard Prime and PENTAX-02 Standard Zoom lenses have been treated with a black cloaking matching to that used on a camera body, to raise visible harmony.

  • The Metal Hood for 01 is treated with a special behind cloaking that matches a tone of a 01 lens.

  • The O-CB133 is a shoulder-bag-type camera case, that binds a Q7 camera physique with a 02 lens mounted, and as many as 5 transmutable Q-mount lenses.

  • The pack is finished in a specifically designed pack box.

Pricing and Availability

The singular book PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit will be accessible during  in late Apr 2014 for a suggested sell cost of $1,199.95.

Additional information as good as images for a PENTAX Q7 compress complement camera can be found during

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Pentax Q7

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