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DSLR Camera Deals at Sears Include More than Just the Usual Canon Cameras

DSLR Camera Deals at Sears Include More than Just the Usual Canon CamerasConsumer electronics shoppers usually get two brand choices when shopping for DSLRs, and those would be Canon and Nikon. Nothing against these brands, which are both very reputable and respected in the photography industry, but sometimes one couldn’t help but ask if there are options for buyers who would want a DSLR from another manufacturer. If this sounds like you, then you might want to pop over to the Sears website, which has several DSLR deals that do include one Canon camera, but includes other brands as well.

For starters, the Canon EOS Rebel SI1 is available a la carte on Sears, or as body-only purchase with no lenses bundled in. Pricing is at $911.58, and that’s more than $270 off the regular price tag of $1,185.05. Buyers who would prefer to get a camera bundle actually have several choices, including those priced at $1,014.94 (reg. price $1,370.16, includes EOS Rebel T3, 18-55 millimeter and 75-300 millimeter lenses, 16 GB SD card, etc.) and at $1,439.98 (reg. price $1,871.96, includes Rebel T3, 18-55 millimeter lens, Xtra Lens with serial number 6473A003, 8 GB SD card, etc.)

The EOS Rebel T3 bundle with only one 18-55 millimeter lens, 8 GB storage card, and camera bag bundled in costs $839.99 (reg. price $1,091.99), while the EOS Rebel T3i package with 18-55 and 75-300 millimeter lenses and 8 GB memory card as key items will set you back by $1,162.51 instead of the usual $1,569.40.

Another digital camera bundle option worth a look-see comes from Fujifilm, as one of the company’s bundles comes with an S8200 camera (16 megapixel sensor, 40x zoom), a camera bag, and an 8 GB memory card. Pricing is a very competitive $359.64, or almost $100 off the regular price of $457.53.

Also available is the Fujifilm JX860 Digital Camera Bundle, which includes a 16-megapixel Fujifilm JX680 camera with 5x optical zoom, a camera bag, and an 8 GB SD card. Pricing on the latter bundle is an extremely low $109.45, down from the regular price of $147.76, but bear in mind that this is actually more of a point-and-shoot camera bundle, rather than a high-end DSLR bundle.

Going back to a la carte items, the Panasonic TD DMC-SZ5K Wi-Fi Digital Camera is priced at $239.99 on Sears’ website, or $72 less than the regular price of $311.99. Specifications and features of this camera include a 14-megapixel sensor, 10x optical image stabilization zoom, and a 3-inch “Intelligent” LCD that chooses backlight settings based on the lighting at the time the photo is taken.

This last item we shall be covering is not a DSLR camera per se, but anyone looking for a unique camera to purchase on top of their DSLR shooter without breaking the bank can try the Slick VC100 Flip Style Video Camera. The device, which ordinarily costs $52.62, is now priced specially at $38.98 – that’s only a discount of $13.64, but as mentioned above, it’s not going to set you back much if you would want to buy two types cameras in one shopping session – one high-end DSLR and one lower-end shooter.

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