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A Roundup of April Fools" 2014 Jokes in the World of Photography

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As we’ve done for the past couple of years, rather than try our hand at comedy and post something tricky on April Fools, we instead round up all the best photography April Fools’ jokes we can find and post them all in one place.

Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and try to imagine a world where these ideas were actually real.

Google is jumping on board with the selfie. According to the Official Gmail Blog, Gmail single-handedly created the selfie (and ended piracy) and so it’s only right that they be the first to introduce the “Shelfie,” a groundbreaking selfie you can SHARE with others! Imagine that.


Now all your friends can make their Gmail custom theme YOUR selfie, not just you.


In the meantime, The Official Google Blog explains that Google+ Photos is expanding on its Auto Awesome feature by adding Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff. Everybody wants a celebrity to photobomb their shots, and now they can get their wish.


DigitalRev introduced Fifty Shades of Pinkenta. No more drab black cameras, you can head over to their dedicated Pinkenta website and customize your camera or buy one of their own Pink/Magenta painted ready-to-shoot cameras… unfortunately it seems all the models we clicked on were sold out.

In corporate news, a recording of Panasonic executives talking mentioned by Vitaliy Kiselev and release by 43Rumors revealed that the company will drop all Micro Four Thirds production except for the Panasonic GH4 (this one actually burned a few publications):

The Digital Picture is thrilled to break the news of an all-new Canon 1D W: a camouflage-skinned pro DSLR designed with wildlife photographers in mind. According to the press release this camera is “based on the EOS-1D X, but loaded with exciting new features” like an ‘ultra-high density sensor’ and ‘Animal Eye Tracking.’


Orbotix debuted the GoSelfieBot today, a flying robot that follows you around and makes sure you get a selfie no matter what situation you find yourself in… it also seems to be planning the demise of the human race.

Last year’s Canon 16-600mm f/2.8L lens made another appearance, this time through the Canon Denmark Facebook page.

canon 16-600

BorrowLenses is making the ethically questionable but financially sound decision to start renting out human photography assistants. It seems Ben Von Wong has already taken advantage! You can rent those here at $150 per week.

The Luminous Landscape is hosting a Summer Wildlife Workshop in Sweden that will revolve around finding Trolls of all shapes and sizes. Safety is a key concern!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.19.13 PM

The Phoblographer reports that a new study that polled over three million cats found that 9 out of 10 of our feline friends are “sick of you shoving a camera in their face.”


1001 Noisy Cameras will be launching a new blog that, unlike anything currently in existence, covers the intersection of photography and religion with essays like “Compassionately Applying the Ten Commandments As A Studio Photographer” and “The Zen of High ISO And Small Pixels.”

Sonyalpharumors reports with great confidence that Sony is about to launch two new Full Frame cameras: the A91 A-Mount and the A9 E-Mount, both of which will feature a 54 Megapixel 3-layer Foveon-like sensor.


Photo.Net reveals that there will be a new Nobel Prize for achievements in Depth of Field. This will also mark the launch of a new project meant to bring classic photos “into the 21st century” by remastering them with tons more Bokeh.

Imaging Insider reports that MailPix now offers something called a Holographic Canvas Print. As explained in the press release “Not content with a mere two-dimensions for its high-quality inkjet prints, MailPix HoloCan prints use LED projection arrays cleverly hidden within the canvas frame to make three-dimensional images appear as if they are floating in the air.”

The prints are created using an app, which will be available soon for iOS, Android, Blackberry and GameBoy Advance.


Nokia is bringing back the old 3310 phone, packing it with a 41-megapixel camera and, by far most importantly, installing Snake 2 on there while they’re at it.


Kodak has announced a picture Kiosk drone that will follow you around and make sure you ALWAYS have a place to print your photos, no matter where you are. It also, as you might imagine, takes selfies for you.


GoPro has released a new energy drink called #STOKED that is basically your happy place in a can. It “contains ancient Amazonian super foods to help you achieve maximum radness… Because everyone knows that ancient Amazonians totally stomped it at terrain parks and crushed at all night MMO sessions, or whatever it is people drink energy drinks while doing. ”

Photographer Jerad Hill introduces: Boudoir for Him! “Because You’re Special Too.”


Mirrorless Photo Tips shows you how to make your very own pancake lens. All you need is some frozen Aunt Jemima pancakes. Although you can make them from scratch if you’re the cooking type.

Lomography today introduced something called “SuperPhotoSpray,” a spray that, when applied to a roll of film, will let you shoot that 35mm roll without a camera… you’ll just have to stand still for 24 hours, but that’s not a problem right?

According to Les Numériques, Facebook just bought Leica for 1.4 Billion Euros… which we’ll admit, isn’t that out of character for Facebook.


In addition to breaking the Canon 1D W, The Digital Picture today also revealed that Sigma had acquired the Samyang line, and would be putting all of those manual lenses in a new ‘Classic’ Global Vision Line that will celebrate Samyang’s “spirited defiance of modern technology.”


Outdoor Photography reports that a team of former Kodak scientists have created the “CLeC,” a Google Glass-style contact lens that allows you to take pictures by simply looking and blinking:


Photographer Jim Goldstein reports that an “extreme X-Class” solar flare is erasing digital and analog photographs around the world:


And last but certainly not least (in fact the literally biggest announcement of the day) is Custom SLR‘s brand new Bigfoot Tripod — a 15 foot tall behemoth that will let you capture angles nobody else is getting… assuming you have something to stand on so you can actually take the picture.

If we missed any let us know in the comments and we’ll try to keep up and add them to the list! Happy April Fools’ Day!

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