Friday, 21 March 2014

Sony A7, A7R Camera Firmware Updates Now Available




Sony A7, A7R Camera Firmware Updates Now AvailableIsn’t it nice when a hardware manufacturer has your best interests at heart, knowing that a firmware update would be able to fix some issues that have plagued their product for some time already? It is the turn of the Sony A7 and Sony A7R cameras to be on the receiving end of a camera firmware update which will throw in new lens compatibility (SEL70200G), improved image quality, a faster start-up time so that you do not miss a single important moment, as well a new PlayMemories camera apps.

For ?7 and ?7R users/owners, the new firmware’s compatibility with the new SEL70200G full-frame FE lens would allow the lens to be fully compatible with AF systems on both the A7 and A7R models, not to mention having the “Focus Hold” button enabled. Image quality has also been improved, as color noise has been reduced in speed priority continuous shooting mode. Whenever you opt to record a movie, there reduced color artifacts at object edges in very bright scenes for a more pleasant recording.

Apart from that, one will now be able to enjoy “Live-view grading” and “Smooth Reflection” applications, where there is also better AE tracking in “Timelapse” application (version 2.0 and later). You can download the firmware update for Windows and Mac for the ?7, as well as Windows and Mac for the ?7R.

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