Friday, 28 March 2014

Photographer blends Manchester"s past with present to take people back in time

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Photographer Neil Pearson is holding people behind in time with a weird mix of past and present.

Neil digs adult aged photos before replicating a shot, infrequently roughly a century later. The 48-year-old postal-sorter, who has lived in Salford all his life, finds photos of a city from online archives, dating from a early 1930s to 1960s.

He afterwards positions himself in a accurate plcae of a strange photographer, capturing a same image, before commencement a prudent routine of consistent a dual cinema on Photoshop.

The married father-of-two said: “I have always been meddlesome in photography and when we saw someone use this routine a integrate of years ago, we suspicion we would have a go myself.

“Although they demeanour modern, a streets of Manchester are as they were many years ago, so a opportunities for this form of photography are endless.

“Many are inexperienced from a initial building upwards, maintaining strange mill facilities and pattern that’s mostly sadly lacking from new buildings.”

Neil’s manuscript includes informed Manchester landmarks such as Albert Square, Victoria Station and The Printworks.

He now hopes to lift out his time transport photography in each vital city in a UK before streamer to New York, though for now contingency juggle his day pursuit with what is mostly a really time-consuming hobby.

“Once I’m happy with a picture I’ve taken we afterwards start a routine of blending, that can take a integrate of hours or a integrate of days.

“The backing has to be ideal and a shot needs to embody a right complicated element.”

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