Monday, 31 March 2014

Nikon promises to replace defective D600 cameras in China

The Nikon D600. (Photo courtesy of Nikon)

Nikon has promised to replace its error-prone D600 cameras providing they have had two or more repairs, the Shanghai Consumer Council said on Thursday.

The D600 model came in for heavy criticism in a CCTV exposure earlier this month, and the Japanese camera maker has now admitted that it is abnormal for their cameras to have black specks on the lens. It has promised to replace the defective cameras with unspecified better models, according to the council, which held multiple consultations with Nikon.

After the Chinese state broadcaster’s program criticized Nikon for selling defective products and for poor customer service, the firm now plans to replace defective D600 cameras within three months, said the council.

Consumers can call Nikon’s after-sales centers for further consultation.

“As a multinational company, Nikon should take the initiative to recall the defective products and fulfil its corporate and social responsibilities,” said Shen Weimin, deputy head of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

More then 48,000 D600 cameras have been sold in mainland China so far. Since October 2013, 300 to 400 repairs have been ordered by their owners every month, according to the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, which ordered Nikon to take the D600 off shelves across the country after the CCTV report.

Nikon promises to replace defective D600 cameras in China

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