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Kodak PixPro Smart Lens cameras rival Sony QX, want to improve your ... - Pocket

Kodak has announced that it is launching a pair of Smart Lens cameras, SL10 and SL25, designed to be strapped to your smartphone to let you take better photos on the move.

We say Kodak, but as photo fans will know, it’s JK Imaging, who hold the worldwide licence for the Kodak name. The new Smart Lens cameras rival the QX10 and QX100 models launched by Sony at IFA 2013.

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Kodak says that the Smart Lens cameras are compatible with Android or iOS and you’ll be able to control them using a free app. So far, so similar.

As to the specifications, the SL10 has a 10x zoom lens, offering a 28-280mm range, with the ability to capture 1080p video. The SL25 extends this with, you guessed it, 25x zoom. It offers a wider angle 24mm running out to 600mm.

Kodak details that they will accept a microSD card internally and has optical image stabilisation, but offers no information on what functions will be on offer, or what sensor might be sitting behind those lenses.

The SL10 Smart Lens has a price tag of $199 (£121) and the SL25 is slated at $299. For reference, the Sony QX10 is $249/£146, so as you’d expect, Kodak undercuts it neatly.

Most impressively, Kodak says that the Smart Lenses “weigh only a few ounces”. They are said to be available in spring 2014.

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