Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sony confirms PS4 gesture and voice control, HDMI capture for games

Looking for some-more PlayStation 4 news? Here’s a bit now that Sony’s Tokyo Game Show keynote residence is over. A integrate of facilities we’d hoped to hear some-more about have been confirmed, and a initial is that a PS4 camera will support both voice and gesticulate control. It’s no warn that a complement will take full advantage of a add-on’s twin cameras and 4 mics for people who wish to call during their TVs, though it’s good to have that confirmed. Second, in a pierce that will mostly advantage diversion reviewers and YouTube video walkthrough experts (thanks for your assistance on these GTA V missions, all of you), a PlayStation 4 will concede unencrypted HDMI outlay for games. On a PS3 it didn’t, treating games a same as Blu-ray movies, so anyone capturing video in HD indispensable to use member cables. That’s on tip of a console’s “Share” button that sends clips of gameplay true to Ustream, Facebook or PSN. Check out our liveblog for all else discussed tonight including a PS4′s mobile apps, indie gaming and Vita TV.

Update: Sony Worldwide Studios conduct Shuhei Yoshida tells us around Twitter that HDMI constraint on PS4 won’t be accessible during a console’s launch this November, though “in a future.”

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Sony confirms PS4 gesture and voice control, HDMI capture for games

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