Monday, 16 September 2013

Canon EOS 650D Lens Contact Pin Repair

Purchased from eBay for us$128 including shipping.

Ordered with the 3.6mm lens.

Branded as Wi8 on the auction listing.
Status page on the camera show as Model IP1200.
Manual (word doc) had all manufacturer references stripped but properties showed it’s original file name.
Was for model gxv3601, Grandstream. This is a GS clone.

Looks like the gxv3601_HD based on specs.

Made my life a little easier when I needed to find out how to connect it to my security software, Vitamin D (

They could have made the case smaller but I guess they don’t want you to feel ripped off so kept a big case.
Most likely used the same case across different models.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I had to refocus the lens.

It does have a mechanically removable IR Cut filter.
This means picture quality is not compromised during the day by having  no IR Cut filter, as found in cheaper IR cameras.

I put a descant pack in there just in case.
The last cheapie didn’t have one but after seeing one in a higher end camera I put one in to be safe.

Now for the image quality.
Vitamin D is configured to capture at 1280×1024.
The previous camera in that location was a webcam.
Photobucket Photobucket

The first day of operation did produce some artefacts that triggered the software.

Night time.

Sample videos, as exported from VD.
Photobucket Photobucket

For the money I happy with the picture quality.

Unfortunately Vitamin D does not go higher than 1280×1024, otherwise I would use 1080p cameras.
For basic home security 720p is ok :)
Better than the 280p analog.

If you must have more resolution I also use
Milestone xProtectGo
The free version is limited to only 5 days storage.

License plate performance, per comment request.
With the current lens in there I can read plates out to 15m straight on.

To have enough pixels for automatic LPR, 10m.
Night time License plate reading as a bit tricky.
You have a retro reflective surface and headlights.
Really need a dedicated camera for night time plate recognition.
High shutter speed and high FStop lens.
Just did a quick test with some manual settings.
1/100, IR Pass, Colour mode.
Unfortunately I could not force the IR lights to stay on.
They turned off once the light reached the daylight threshold.

Looks like it actually works prior to the IR shutting off.
Also heavy fog is setting in.


IR on

IR off

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