Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ricoh PENTAX XG-1 is a compact for advancing beginners

These days, it isn’t adequate for mass consumer digital cameras to exaggerate megapixel depends or lens measurements. To deflect off a smartphone invasion, they also need to be as unstable as these mobile devices, though also some-more absolute in their selected field. Ricoh has usually announced a PENTAX XG-1, a digital camera that sings to beginners who wish a bit some-more out of a camera than what compacts and high-end smartphones can provide.

Ricoh bills a XG-1 as a overpass camera, that is, a digital camera that bridges a opening between a amateur and a some-more seasoned photographer. As such, it is designed with absolute facilities but, during a same time, stays easy to use and portable. As if to stress a indicate that this is not a high-end, veteran shooter, and to revoke a volume of difficulty for users, a PENTAX XG-1 eschews replaceable lenses with a singular one that tries to cover all cases. That said, a physique of a camera is molded after a unchanging PENTAX SLR form, creation it during slightest demeanour reward though still lightweight and compress adequate to lift around with you.

As to a capturing capabilities, it has a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor that has a tip attraction of ISO 3200. The lens is also utterly talented, braggadocio of ultra-wide-angle shots during 24 mm as good as super-telephoto during 1.248 mm. And a 52x superzoom creates certain that we can constraint not usually special moments with friends and families though also a breath-taking vistas and death-defying encounters with inlet from your vacation. The XG-1 offers 3 modes for high-speed continual shooting. In full resolution, we can usually strech a max of 9 images per second. But we can also boost that to 60 fps and 30 fps by shortening a fortitude to VGA (640×480) and 4 megapixels (2304×1728), respectively. For recording videos, a camera is usually able of HD fortitude video capture.






A digital camera routinely offers several facilities that take advantage of a digital inlet of images taken and a PENTAX XG-1 is no different. It offers several picture filters, with some like black and white or sepia accessible even when recording video. There are also several constraint modes available, like hands-off Auto Picture, Face Beautifier, and Movie. And for fun, there is a dedicated pet showing mode for your favorite animal companion.

One thing we competence skip from this digital camera is built-in connectivity options, generally Bluetooth for smartphones and tablets. That said, it does have support for Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards, that could mount in for them if we occur to have one around. The Ricoh PENTAX XG-1 will be accessible saying mid-August this year and will lift a cost tab of ?249.99, roughly $430 on this side of a pond.

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