Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nikon USA Moves the D300s to the Retired List: Ready, Set, Hope!


You Nikon APS-C shooters ready to get your hopes up? Almost 5 years after the Nikon D300s was announced, Nikon USA has officially moved it from the active camera list to its archived camera list, leading many to believe that the long-awaited followup is just around the corner.

Whether or not that followup will be called the D400 is still debatable — in early April, Nikon Rumors reported that the D300s would be replaced by a “D9300? — plus there’s the problem that ONLY Nikon USA has retired the camera, but all of those things aside, it is LONG past time that Nikon releases a new flagship APS-C shooter.


Combine this news with the increasing frequency of rumors that claim the Canon 7D Mark II (name also debatable) is going to arrive later this year, possibly in August, and it looks like it’s going to be an exciting end to 2014 for APS-C lovers.

(via Northlight Images)

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