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Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i Review - Analyzing Specs and Price

Canon’s EOS 500D, also referred to as Rebel T1i, is Canon’s DSLR for amateurs to mid level photography professionals. The camera comes at the heels of its predecessor – EOS 450D, also referred to as Rebel Xsi, which was hugely popular among entry level camera enthusiasts. This power packed camera looks incredibly stylish and is a definite improvement over its predecessor. There are a number of key differences between the two even though physically the two appear quite similar.


The body of the Canon EOS 500D is almost identical to its predecessor and you won’t be able to find any major differences. The SLR shape is defined conventionally and gives great ergonomics as well as a hand grip. If you are already used to the 450D, this new camera should not pose much of a problem in handling and use because the control layout is also identical. The body is sturdy and well protected against dust and dirt. Still, the camera does not claim to be weather proof and it would be best to protect it against bad weather. The build quality is great, and the camera weighs about 485 g.

Specs and Features

The main headline feature of this camera is the 15.1MP CMOS sensor, which is much more powerful and robust than its predecessor. It offers excellent picture quality even in very low light. Another great addition to the camera, is the 3”, 920,000 dot display monitor. This comes with a very robust pop up system for flash. The autofocus system has 9 sensor points, which is something that has been retained from 450D. The central f/2.8 cross type sensor on the autofocus is also the same. Low light autofocus assistance is only provided when the flash is popped up, otherwise there is no individual assist lamp for autofocus. The viewfinder, however, is very bright and large, making this camera absolutely unique. You can also purchase an eyepiece extender for this camera, if you so desire. The HD video recording capability is also a new feature of the camera, the 500D being the second camera after the 5D MK II, to feature this. However, the recording capability is slightly slower at only 20FPS. The mono audio system, combined with a poor internal microphone would put a dampener on your video recording plans. One of the areas where the 500D is commendable is that of noise control in images. Your images will be more usable, owing to the APS sensor camera.


The camera is slightly expensive, but for its many features and great picture quality, you would not feel bad footing its slightly heavier price tag. In the US, the camera is priced at about $799. In the UK, the price of this camera is £524.99, while in Australia, the price is $ 1,499.00. You may be able to get the camera at slightly discounted rates, if you opt to purchase only the body and not the accessories. The camera is available separately, or with a choice of two sets of accessories. The price of all three – the camera body alone, and the two individual sets, is different.

Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i Review - Analyzing Specs and Price

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