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Underwater Camera Housing for Canon EOS 650D, 700D

Sydney, New South Wales — (SBWIRE) — 01/16/2014 — The newest product of the Canon SLR lineup boasts an impressive number of advanced features at an entry-level value point. Base on territory, this slr is known as the Canon Digital Rebel T3i (North America), or Canon EOS 600D (worldwide). The T3i capabilities the same field-proven 18-megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video present in 700D, 650D, 600D, and 550D, and a new articulating monitor helps make high angle and minimal angle composition possible.

underwater housing for canon 700d builds on the achievement of the MK-600D housing with a fresh development that keeps the best of the 550D housing but adds new model components to additional increase the functionality and ergonomics.

The underwater housing for canon 700d inherits the patented port locking device, locking housing latches, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls. New advantage come with a multifunction thumb lever for accessing Video Start/Stop, and control extensions proceeding all of the camera’s controls within reach of the right and left handles.

Meikon housing are created with in-water ergonomics in thoughts, and with MK-650D-700D, Meikong engineers have afresh compose a system that puts major controls at the fingertips of the end user. Entry-level cameras like T3i are additional dependent upon the menu strategy than higher end models for handle adjustments, developing it important to relocate many of the camera’s rear pushbuttons to the appropriate handle.

Push buttons on the back of the housing entry Focus Space Selector, Instant Manage Menu, White Balance, Autofocus Mode, Drive, Playback, Delete, and Set. An accessory Zoom Gear Control Knob and push buttons for Menu and Info are offered from the left handle.

When shooting in manual exposure mode, this lever assigns the feature of the command wheel to shutter speed or f-stop, and when in Av or Tv modes enables exposure compensation. The lever is large enough to be operated by touch, allowing the photographer to keep their eye in the viewfinder while operating this function and making exposure changes on the fly.

New, easy to use locking latches reduce the stainless steel latches used previously. This new closure program reduces overall size and is easier to work.

A lens launch button is supplied as basic equipment, allowing lens adjustments while a zoom gear is attached without opening the housing back.


-Ideal for swimming surfling yaching diving skiing snorkeling,skiing,or other outside occasions

-40M water depth security,Transparent tough plastic substance whether rain or snow, you could have unrestricted use of your camera

-O’ ring seaed with spring loaded

-Specifically built for underwater picture, video taking

-Dustproof Dirt Proof Snow Proof Shockproof

-Anti-staining fingerprint, easy cleansing

-good tightness,high mechanical strength,to protect your camera

-Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degree C°

-Storage Temperature: -10 to 65 degree C°

-Matetial:Polycarbonate, ABS plastic,clear plate glass,stainless steel, EPDM rubber and etc is also offering underwater housing for canon Canon 600D, 550D 550D, with best rate and fast free shipping.

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