Friday, 10 January 2014

Nikon D3300 DSLR unveiled at CES 2014, along with five new Coolpix cameras

Camera giant Nikon, on Monday, announced the launch of their new

entry-level DSLR, the D3300 at the CES 2014, in Las Vegas. The new

camera, when packaged with the updated kit lens, will be 30 percent

smaller and 25 percent lighter than its successor the D3200. The new

lens named the Mark II features a retracting barrel, which shrinks the

body down by around 20 mm when not in use.

Nikon has claimed that

the photos taken with the original 18-55 mm lens will be on par with the

new lens and that it will be on sale as of now. Sharpness has improved

on the D3300, given that they are including the Nikon Expeed 4 image

processor. It still has the same 24.2-megapixel resolution, and doesn’t

include a low-pass filter. Nikon claims that a pixel dense sensor has

allowed them to eliminate the need of the filter. It also includes a

panorama mode- a first for a DSLR. There is no Wi-Fi support to the DSLR

and it will be available starting February at $649 (roughly Rs. 32,000)

along with the kit lens. The lens will also be available on its own for

$249 (roughly Rs. 14,000).

In addition they are also launching

five new variants for the Coolpix series point-and-shoot cameras. The

cameras which will be released include the L830, the S6800, the S5300,

the S3600, and the L30. The price range for the cameras is fairly less

with the lowest costing $119.95 (Rs. 8,000 approx) to $299.95 (Rs.

18,000 approx). While individual specs are different they all make use

of a new feature called the Hybrid VR. The feature makes use of a

combination of motion tracking and vibration reduction to automatically

smooth out shaky footage. The final footage will be slightly cropped so

that the camera has room to stabilise it.


All the five cameras

will go on sale in February. The last launch is that of the new 35 mm

f/1.8 FX-mount prime lens, which goes on sale from February 20. The lens

will fill the opening in the Nikon line of f1/8 primes. Those who have

been traditionally hooked on Nikon would be awaiting the same.

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Nikon D3300 DSLR unveiled at CES 2014, along with five new Coolpix cameras

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