As the camera on the iPhone improves, more and more people are finding themselves using their iPhone to take photographs, instead of carrying around a compact camera. It’s convenient, and you can use apps to edit your photographs straight from the iPhone and share them with friends within minutes.

Here, we’ve collected some of our favourite photography apps for iPhone and iPad for you to discover. We’ll continue to update this article as more great photography apps are released in the iOS App Store.

Snapseed for iPad and iPhone (free)

We think that Snapseed is our all-time favourite photography app for iPhone. We’ve been using it since way back in 2011 and loved it then, and it’s only improved since.

Snapseed makes it super-easy to edit photographs on your iPhone, and has loads of sophisticated tools that enable you to achieve almost anything you want to with your image.

Instagram (free)

You’ve probably heard of Instagram. It’s massively popular at the moment, and celebrities have taken a liking to it too.  It’s a social photography app that lets you take and edit photos and then share them with friends through Instagram itself and/or through Twitter, Facebook and more.

Photosynth (free)

Microsoft’s Photosynth app lets you take a 360 degree panorama, and the results are pretty good. It’s worth taking your time to line everything up properly, but it’s really cool to be able to take a photo of an amazing view from absolutely every angle, so you can relive it another time.

Perfect BW for iPad and iPhone (£1.49)

We love onOne Software’s Perfect BW app for creating monochrome images on our iPad and iPhone. It’s simple to use and is non-destructive so you won’t lose the original image.

For more, read our full review of Perfect BW.  

Lo-mob Superslides for iPhone (99p)

Lo-mob Superslides is an attractive addition to any iPhone photographer’s collection of apps, that while hardly essential, offers some suitably subtle results that are easy on the eye. Plus, the ability to randomise images simply by refreshing an image also ensures your vintage looking images don’t start looking stale or samey.

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iPhoto for iOS (£2.99)

Apple’s very own iPhoto app for iOS is an image editor that places photo viewing, editing, and sharing at your fingertips. There’s a lot that iPhoto for iOS can do, so take a look at our full review of iPhoto to find out more.

FaceTune for iPhone (£1.49)

FaceTune for iPhone is one of the best portrait-editing apps we’ve tried. It’s powerful yet easy-to-use.

Ideal for touching up portraits, the app lets you whiten teeth, smooth skin, emphasise details and even reshape the face of your subject. It provides a patch tool for removing blemishes and a tones tool that can recolour grey hair, for example. There’s red-eye removal and a defocus tool for blurring out backgrounds. To top it all off, Facetune also has a filters tool to add various effects and frames to your final image.

KitCam for iPhone (£1.49)


With a comprehensive and compelling range of features and effects, wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface, KitCam from GhostBird Software has set the standard of all photo apps. The ability to endlessly experiment within one app with editable lenses, films and frames, while preserving the original photo or video, brings the power to create and craft to all.

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AfterLight for iPhone (69p)


Beautifully considered editable effects, textures, filters and frames makes AfterLight a must-have app for iPhone users. Useful editing tools are a bonus that makes AfterLight particularly good value at just 69p.

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Popsicolor for iPad and iPhone (£1.99)

A bit more arty than the other photography apps we’ve covered so far, Popsicolor lets you create classy, attractive painterly results. A nice touch is that the app uses your iPad or iPhone’s gyroscope to enable you to control how much the watercolour drips by tilting your device.

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Percolator for iPad and iPhone (£1.49)

Made by the same developers as Popsicolor, Percolator stands out in the crowded photo-app market because, not only is it a lot of fun, it also produces some really interesting and artistic images that are unlike other special effect photo apps we’ve seen.

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GroupShot for iPhone (69p)

GroupShot is a powerful app that actually makes it easy to shoot a good group photo. In GroupShot, you can select two or more group photos and the app then lets you swap faces and bodies between the images to produce a photo in which everyone is smiling at once, for example.

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