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The 25 best photo and video apps to download now

This retro video app is so good it was used by Malik Bendjelloul in his

Academy Award-winning film Searching for Sugar Man. The improved cameras in

the iPhone 4S and new iPad have helped to spawn some great video

applications, and this is one of the best. Think of it as the Instagram of

video, applying retro filters and added style. Excellent value for money.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Free; iPad, iPhone and Android

Photoshop on the mobile and tablet just keeps getting better. Now with in-app

purchases and even more effects and tweaks, this is a formidable

photo-editing app. The base application is free and comes with plenty of

features for the budding photographer.


£2.99; iPad and iPhone

Apple, unsurprisingly, knows how to do it best when it comes to its own

products, and iPhoto for iOS is still the best way to manage snaps on your

iPhone or iPad. With a clean and easy-to-understand user interface, plenty

of photo-editing options and a great album-management system, no Apple

device is complete without it. The app also has some great sharing

capabilities and iCloud support.


Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

A well-designed little app that lets you easily use brushes to add effects to

your photos and change the way they look completely, turning them into

everything from oil paintings to movie posters.

Thomson Reuters’ Wider Image

Free; iPad

There’s plenty of inspiration for photographers in this app from news agency

Reuters. Explore world-class news photography in high resolution on your


Photo 365

£0.69; iPhone and iPad

This is all about daily uploads: posting an image for each day of the year,

then viewing events around the world via the calendar. Share images to

Twitter and Facebook within the app, and view friends’ efforts.


£0.69 iPad and iPhone; £0.63 Android

Despite being fairly self-explanatory, this is a useful application. Putting

together photos on the iPhone and iPad isn’t actually that easy: Diptic

solves the problem by doing it for you, letting you combine multiple

pictures into one image.

Touchnote postCards

Free (in-app purchases); iPad, iPhone and Android

This app lets you share any photo you have taken with your iPhone or iPad. The

difference is that Touchnote turns your snap into a real postcard and sends

it to family and friends.


Free; iPhone and iPad

It’s billed as the new Instagram, but Frontback has an added dimension: take a

picture of yourself with the front camera and another of what you’re seeing

with the back camera, and then share your two-way snaps.


Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

The average social networker now has access to thousands of pictures in their

network. Pixable connects with your social networks, such as Facebook and

Twitter, to bring you a customised inbox of the most shared images between


Action Movie FX

Free; iPhone and iPad

Created by Bad Robot, the production company of Star Trek director JJ Abrams,

this app lets you add action movie-style special effects to your own videos.

Want to take your skiing holiday footage and turn yourself into James Bond?

This is the app for you.


Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

This is still one of the best applications around, with a vast number of

users, an easy-to-use interface and great photo-editing effects. Share

Polaroid-style photos between friends and followers.


£1.99; iPhone and iPad

Perfect for cleaning up those holiday snaps, Facetune lets you apply effects

to any pictures to give blemish-free skin and banish those bags under your

eyes .

Video Star

Free; iPhone and iPad

Lets you create your own music video with a huge variety of special effects,

some of which are in-app purchases. It even lets you use great-quality

green-screen effects.

Comic Life

£2.99; iPhone and iPad

An easy way to create your own comic books from your snaps, complete with

wacky fonts and speech bubbles.


£1.49; iPhone and iPad

Acting as a one-stop shop for photo-sharing and editing, this app is still

something of an iPhone classic. You can send pics to everything from

Facebook to Flickr.

Paper Camera

£1.49 iPhone and iPad; £1.19 Android

Puts a superb paper filter onto your pictures and video, making them look

uncannily like A-Ha’s iconic Take On Me video.


Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

The YouTube app for iPhone and Android has had several major updates recently

so it’s now slicker than ever. It will even send videos to the big screen

via Google’s Chromecast dongle.


Free; iPhone and iPad

The best panorama-creation app, it lets you upload and share pictures to

Facebook and Twitter.


£1.49; iPhone

Reminds you to take a snapshot of yourself every day, then stitches together a

string of images to create a video.


Free; iPad

Create your own cartoons – from story-boarding stage to animation ?in this fun

iPad app, which will keep children and parents occupied for hours.


£1.49; iPhone and iPad

This incredibly full-featured photo-editing application boasts more than 60

effects plus 80 one-click settings.

snap chat

Free; iPhone, iPad and Android

Experience a totally new way to share photos or video with friends. Add

captions and send your images to some or all of your contacts. They’ll only

have a few seconds to view them before the snapshots disappear, unless they

take a screenshot of course.

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