Thursday, 19 September 2013

New smartphone enhancements, health help, free coupons and eye protection

Smartphone lenses get serious

Sony unveiled its high-end lens attachment for mobile phones at the consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin on Sept. 4 . There are two types of lens, the DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10, both of which are fully functioning standalone cameras that can be attached to both iPhone and Android handsets. The QX100 features a 20.1 megapixel sensor and a 3.6x zoom. The QX10 has a smaller sensor but comes with a 10x zoom.

The lens battery connects to iPhones or Android phones over Wi-Fi for charging, and it uses Sony’s PlayMemories app to transfer photos to your phone’s photo library.

Sony is expected to put the device on the market by the end of September. The QX100 will be priced roughly at ¥55,000 and the QX10 at ¥25,000.


Scan away those calories


Omron Healthcare has recently added a new gadget to its line of wearable technology. The Calori Scan HJA-401F and HJA-400 are each equipped with an atmospheric barometer and an acceleration sensor, which enables the devices to measure the number of stairs you climb and your walking speed.

By setting your weight-loss target for a period of four weeks, the devices auto-calculate the recommended calorie consumption per day to reach your monthly goal. It tells you how many minutes of activity should be pursued — either walking up stairs or walking at a fast pace.

When worn for 12 hours a day, a Calori Scan lasts for about three months. Both types come in four colors and are priced at around ¥4,980.

 Calori Scan HJA-401F, Calori Scan HJA-400

Smile for a coupon

To earn vouchers with the Waratte Coupon app, simply take a photo of yourself smiling and post it on Facebook.

There are lots of ways to get store-specific coupons. But now, there is a neat little Android app called Waratte Coupon that gives out coupons just for your smile. Next time you’re at a nomikai (drinking party), or elsewhere — pose, smile and post your image on Facebook. In exchange, you can receive coupons for restaurants near your current location. It’s a convenient way to discover new restaurants in the area.

The app uses facial recognition, and depending on how big your smile is, it will provide you with a number of “smile points.” The more points and more posts on Facebook, the more valuable coupon the user will receive. Waratte Coupon can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Waratte Coupon

G-Shock’s new time machines


The GB-6900B and X6900B, the latest models of Casio’s shock-resistant G-Shock watches, are expected to hit the market on Sept. 21. Bluetooth v4.0-enabled (with low energy wireless technology) and updated with an upgraded second-generation engine, the watches allow two-way operability with a paired smartphone.

In addition to the alarm-setting features already available in the previous versions, the new watches let you control your smartphone’s music player. It also can receive alerts from your phone’s email or calendar.

They come with the price tag of ¥18,900, and you’ll need to download the G-SHOCK+ app, which is available both on Apple’s appstore and Google Play.


Eye-protection for serious gamers

Alienware x JINS PC glasses cut the amount of LED blue-light emittted from a monitor, making computer work a little easier on the eyes.

Back at the beginning of August, the Dell computer company released Alienware × JINS PC — blue-light protection glasses created in collaboration with the JINS glasses brand. The glasses cut the amount of LED blue-light emission by 50 percent, making your time in front of a computer screen a little bit easier on the eyes.

With it’s design inspired by Alienware, Dell’s line of high-end gaming computers, the glasses’ lightweight, matte black frame has a smooth silhouette and is made of soft rubber so it can be comfortably worn beneath headsets. There are two highlight colors — red and green — and they come with a matching case that includes a cleaning cloth printed with Alienware’s familiar alien-head symbol. The glasses are available at the JINS PC online shop for ¥9,900.


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New smartphone enhancements, health help, free coupons and eye protection

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