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"It"s not about photography it"s about God": Minister stuns bride and groom by ...

  • Angry priest tells photographers to move or he’ll stop the wedding

  • ‘This is a solemn assembly not a photography session,’ he says

  • Video posted to YouTube where it has attracted a storm of comment


Damien Gayle

12:09, 20 September 2013


13:58, 20 September 2013

A bride and groom were left speechless at their wedding after the priest carrying out the ceremony stopped to scold photographers standing behind him.

A video posted to YouTube captures the moment that the clergyman turns away from the horrified couple to tell the photographers they have to move.

It appears that he’s been so annoyed by the constant click-clicking of the camera shutters that he feels they are ruining the sanctity of the moment.

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‘Please, sirs, leave’: A bride and groom look shocked as the priest officiating their wedding ceremony turns around to photographers to tell them they have to move or he won’t carry on in this grab taken from a YouTube video


‘Please, sirs, leave,’ says the priest, a stern look on his face indicating that he is not willing to negotiate.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom, who moments earlier had been laughing at a joke cracked by the priest during their wedding in New York, begin to look very embarrassed by the carry on.

Asked by one where he would like them to go, he responds: ‘Anywhere other than here. This is a solemn assembly not a photography session. Please move or I will stop.

‘I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way.

‘This is not about photography, this is about God.’

The awkward moment was posted on to YouTube on Tuesday where it has already been viewed nearly 300,000 times and attracted a storm of comment, including some by people who claim to be first-hand witnesses.

Unsuspecting: Moments earlier the couple had been laughing as the priest cracked a joke

Unsuspecting: Moments earlier the couple had been laughing as the priest cracked a joke

One such commenter, Kathy Hannon, called the priest a ‘real stiff pr***’.

‘The minister told the photographers to leave the front of the area, leaving them no place to fo except way off to  the side or the rear. So they went to the back so they could get the bride’s and groom’s faces.

‘The minister had a right attitude from the get-go. A real stiff pr*** of an angry little man who thought he owned the whole expanse of a lawn provided to everyone.’

Another commenter, Kamrul Hasan, claimed to be the photographer on the receiving end of the priest’s ire.

‘Well it’s not about how I clicked the shutter and they wouldn’t be married. My job was to capture their event beautifully. My intention wasn’t to kill or hurt anyone with my shutter clicks.

‘That priest was just an ass. This was fun outdoor wedding. That’s the reason they didn’t held their ceremony in the Church.’

But some supported the priest’s actions. Jaquelynn Brynn wrote: ‘I’m a wedding photographer, and generally do not come up front unless requested for a specific shot.

‘It’s very distracting to everyone. That’s what zoom lenses are for.

‘He should have had a chat beforehand about his requests, but I don’t blame him for asking them to move.’

MailOnline contacted the photographer directly for a comment but as yet has received no reply.

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he got paid for doing the ceremony just acting the prat he should apologise




20/9/2013 14:34

Good! Completely agree with him.




20/9/2013 14:21

What an idiot priest. Lighten up.



New Milton, United Kingdom,

20/9/2013 14:18

that man overstepped his place. It’s their wedding, not his.



Ontario, Canada,

20/9/2013 14:17

Good for him. Photographers should more common sense.




20/9/2013 14:15

He has just ruined their wedding. Forever they will now have his outrages outburst in their memories.

If for whatever reason he did not want pictures taken during the ceremony he should have said so before hand. Loads of people have pictures taken during the actual vows, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. He obviously shouldn’t be performing weddings. Stupid man.



Glasgow, United Kingdom,

20/9/2013 14:15

He didnt like his bald patch being photographed.




20/9/2013 14:08

mmm tough one. I reckon the priest should have said something at the beginning. He was in the right but it made the wedding feel a bit awkward!



cardiff, United Kingdom,

20/9/2013 14:06

I totally agree with the Priest – our Priest and photographer met before our Big Day so that they could set the ground rules and work out the best angles. Any good photographer would want to do this so as not to disrupt the ceremony. The photographer working for them sounds like an ass – full of his own importance but no common sense or respect for the event itself.




20/9/2013 14:03

I am sure Jesus wouldn’t mind people taking pictures / video and capturing the event for ever, if people had cameras 2000 years ago there would not be so many disbelievers.

Isn’t marriage supposed to be a joyous occasion. CHILL OUT.



Birmingham, United Kingdom,

20/9/2013 14:03

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"It"s not about photography it"s about God": Minister stuns bride and groom by ...

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